"Minimalism is not a lack of something, it's the perfect amount of something" - Nicholas Burroughs

Over the years I've been inspired by many different woodworkers, wood carvers, by different styles and aesthetics. But it wasn't until I discovered Scandinavian and Japanese design aesthetics that I really began to develop my own style that is influenced by these.

What is Scandivian decor?

If I had to sum it up in one word then I would say it's Minimalistic. Scandinavian design focuses on simplicity, on beautiful flowing lines that appeal to the eye. There are no needless frills, its design is not about complexity but more about pure unobstructive beauty. The Danish have a passion for the outdoors which I share, they are progressive about the protection of the natural world, many of their design principals incorporate nature into their work. Textures, natural materials, forms inspired by the planet are ever present. Why are these aesthetics so important? Because the human eye is always more satisfied by natural beauty than it is by man made in my opinion.

"Wabi Sabi - A state of acceptance of the imperfections in life and appreciating them as beautiful. Appreciating the flow of life"

What is Japanese design?

I focus mainly on the ideals of "Wabi Sabi". 

What is Wabi Sabi? Well, it has no literal western translation but at its core it is a celebration of both natural beauty and the flaws in them or those that the crafter creates. Take a beautiful piece of wood for example that contains a crack or an unsightly knot, with Wabi Sabi in mind a craftsperson would make that knot or crack the feature of the peace. Why? Because it's a show of nature, a reminder that it's organic, that the wood is flawed and fallible like ourselves and it is still beautiful! If not more so because of this feature; it makes the piece entirely unique. A mass produced manufacturer can turn out millions of the same item, perfectly identical each time, and there is nothing wrong with this, we need it, however a craftsperson can show us that no two pieces are alike, their creations are as unique and different as one person is to another.

These are the two main elements that inspire my ideas and designs. Not everyone will agree, not everyone will see a knot in a piece of wood and consider it beautiful, but we are all individuals; we must find what inspires us, what we are passionate about and ecorperate that into what we do. I like to show the natural material in my work, I like to see something that looks as though it could have simply grown from the tree itself.

I love to see the whittled markings of a hand carved item, to be reminded that someone made it with their own hands.

What inspires you?