Inspired by Nature and Scandinavian Design.  Crafting unique objects, one at a time by hand.

“My workshop is simple, humble and honest, there are few power tools in it. Woodworking is a meditative experience for me, I try to retain that sense of peace by using hand tools as much as possible.”

Laurie Phillip Parslow (L.P.Parslow) is a self taught woodworker based in Birmingham, United Kingdom.
He has been working wood since infancy with his Grandfather and Father teaching, and passing on their cumulative knowledge.

“Many of the objects in our homes now are plastic, sterile and mass produced in factories, they reflect our modern world. Handmade objects remind us of the beauty of nature and the magic of working with our hands”
"I lean heavily toward Japanese and Scandinavian design principles. Both favour minimalistic form, unobtrusive lines that flow naturally to the eye. They're graceful yet focus on simplicity of form."

Over the last decade L P has dedicated himself to learning and understanding the practice of using traditional hand tools, in particular Japanese carpentry tools as well as studying the art of shaping wood into beautiful carvings.

“Using hand tools takes us back to the time of our forefathers who shaped their world with their own two hands”

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